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ClaAd the Singapore Property Classification for HDB Resale Flats, HDB rental room, Condominium and Landed Properties Portal
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We bring to you some useful information about HDB flats, these information are an abstract from HDB Website, you can obtained more detail information at HDB InfoWeb.

Ways to buy a HDB Flat

HDB offers sales of flats through three different modes, Build-To-Order (BTO), Walk-In-Selection (WIS) and Balloting Exercise (BE). Click on each type to show you how it is done.

Build-To-Order (BTO)
Walk-In-Selection (WIS)
Balloting Exercise (BE)

Are you eligible to apply for a flat

To buy a HDB flat, you must be a Singapore Citizen or your family nucleus must comprise of at least another Singapore Permanent Resident or Singapore Citizen. You should be at least 21 years of age. Other conditions such as not a owner/ex-owner of second flat brought directly from HDB, your gross monthly household income or you are bankrupt, affect you eligibility to purchase a HDB flat. more info at HDB InfoWeb

Work out a Financial Plan

Before you consider whether you should apply for a 5-room or a Executive Condominium, you need to ensure that your CPF has sufficient funds to finance your purchase. Although CPF currently allows you to use up to 100% of your Ordinary Account to pay for the purchase, you need to consider whether your monthly CPF contribution to your Ordinary Account is able to finance your installment payment for the HDB/bank loan.

HDB InfoWeb provides a tools to help you calculate your Sales Financial Plan. You should also take a look at some important information provided by CPF on buying a house.

Check out what are the flats on sale

Now that you are ready to apply for a flat, check out HDB's e-services : Flats on offer for the existing and coming BTO, WIS & BE.

You could also sign up with HDB eAlert service to receive the latest e-mail alerts about HDB's sales launches.

Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing a Resale Flat

If you are considering purchasing a resale flat, the procedures of purchasing one is more complex than applying for a new HDB flat. Now with HDB InfoWeb, you just need to follow the step-by-step guide provided in it website and in no time you will be the expert in this field.

Buying a Executive Condominium

A Executive Condominium (EC) is comparable in design and facility to private condominiums and they are developed and sold by private developers.

You could either purchase a EC directly form developers or from developers under the CPF housing grant or in the open market.

Find out what are the procedures required in each of the type of purchase in HDB InforWeb's Buying an Executive Condominium.

Buying an Apartment Under Design, Build and Sell Scheme

This scheme was introduced in early 2005 by Mr Mah Bow Tan, the Minister of national Development. It involves private sector in the development of public housing and provides more housing choice to the public. This type of flats are comparable to private apartments in terms of design and finish but are cheaper than market rates for private apartment in the same area. To find out what are housing subsidy, eligibility conditions and sales of DBSS flats, visit HDB InfoWeb's Buying an Apartment Under DBSS.

Renting a Room/Flat from Home Owners

HDB flat owners are allow to rent a room or the entire flat to Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent residents and non-citizens. However, before you rent one from the owner or you intend to rent out yours, you should know what are the rules and regulation governing the rental of a room and a flat. For example, owners of 1 and 2-room flats are not allowed to sublet their bedroom, each flat type has a maximum number of bedrooms allowed for subletting and there is a maximum number of occupiers allowed in each flat. Breaking these rules may result in repossession of your flat. Find out more detail information in HDB InfoWeb's Subletting Your Flat/Room.


Ways to buy a HDB flat
Are you eligible
Financial Plan
Flats on sale
Guide to purchasing a resale flat
Buying a Executive Condo
Buying an Apartment under Design, Build and Sell
Renting a Room/Flat


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